Smith Street Roadworks

We're installing 180 metres of new trunk water main pipe along Sewell and Smith Streets. Construction will begin 7 February and is expected to last until the end of March.

There will be some road lane closures on Sewell and Smith Streets during construction which will require traffic to be diverted:

⛔️ Smith Street East-bound lane closed - detour north via Ranfurly St, Dale St & Williams St or South via Charles St, Davie St & Williams St
⛔️ No left turn from Ranfurly St onto Smith St
⛔️ No right turn from Charles St onto Smith St
⛔️ No right turn from Sewell St onto Smith St
⛔️ Partial South-bound lane closure on Sewell St - no left turn from Smith St onto Sewell St
⛔️ No right turn from Cass St onto Smith St

Smith Street West-bound lane will remain open.

There will also be changes to bus stop locations:

🚌 Bus stop removed opposite 1 Smith St
🚌 Bus stops removed on Williams St
🚌 Temporary bus stops at the Smith St and Williams St ends of Charles St

There may be some increased noise on the detour routes due to heavy vehicles and increased traffic - we apologise for any disruption.

This work is essential for ensuring a resilient and future-proofed water network in Kaiapoi, and will provide key capacity upgrades to support future development.

Thank you for your patience while we complete this work.

The work will include

  • The new 450mm trunk water main will be installed by directionally drilling the new pipe underneath the road to
    minimise disruption and avoid services.
  • The pipe will be drilled in two sections, one along Smith Street from the top of the Cass Street intersection to
    the top of the Sewell Street intersection.
  • The second section of pipe will be drilled from outside the water headworks site at 4 Sewell Street and along to
    the top of the Sewell Street and Smith Street intersection where the two pipes will then be connected.
  • There will be three drill pits, one at each end of the pipe and the other in the middle where the two new pipe
    lengths will join.

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