Dangerous Trees at Woodend Beach Holiday Park Coming Down

Thirty-five dangerous trees within Woodend Beach Holiday Park are being removed from mid-May.

The Council is working with the campground operators to make sure the removal of the trees has as little an impact on both campground users and Woodend Beach residents.

The trees are old, large, and in bad condition. During high winds there is a risk that branches could come down and injure people underneath or nearby.

Forestry contractors will be on site from May 13 until mid June.

A closure of the beach-end of Woodend Beach Road, including the carpark area, is unavoidable while the work is being carried out.

There will be temporary foot access available for people who want to go to the beach. However, this will require a longer walk. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Woodend Beach Campground is one of several camping grounds owned by the Council and operated privately.

We will update this article if there are any changes to the operations of the tree removal.


Council has taken advice from a number of arborists.

A fallen branch now lies in the campground, near a campsite used weeks ago.fallen branch at woodend beach

The photo shows a large branch that fell to the ground, likely due to wind.fallen branch at woodend beach

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