Voting is open for Dog of the District

Voting is now open to determine Waimakariri’s Dog of the District.

In light of annual dog registration renewal, Council put a call out on our Facebook page to find the top dog in our District for 2024. Out of nearly 200 entries, we have narrowed it down to four charismatic finalists.

The dog with the most votes will win free dog registration for a year, a 10kg bag of Black Hawk dog food, a certificate of achievement and, of course, bragging rights!

You can cast your vote on our Facebook page up until this Sunday night at 11.59pm.

Meet the four furry finalists who are looking for your votes.

Finalist 1: Roxie

Meet our first finalist, Roxie the “Dobzla”.

Here’s what Roxie’s owner, Meghan, says about her.

“Roxie the Dobzla! Roxie is our amazing 2-year-old Doberman X Hungarian Vizsla we adopted from the rescue organisation "Dogwatch". She's been the most delightful addition to our family ever since! She enjoys the outdoors and is an extremely athletic individual who spends most of her time along the beach in Pegasus chasing sticks into the waves! Going on hikes in forests to find waterfalls. Playing with her doggie pals at daycare during the week.”

Finalist 2: Harrie

Meet our second finalist, Harrie the French Bulldog.

Here’s what Harrie’s owner, Kish, says about him.

“Meet Harrie, the self-proclaimed King of Kaiapoi. When he's not refusing to get out of bed on a cold winter’s morning, he's either lazing around in the sunniest spot of the house or chasing around any kind of light reflection like an absolute maniac. Harrie is 35 years old (in dog years) and still lives with his mum. An absolute freeloader who refuses to pay his way!”

Finalist 3: Daisy-moo

Meet our third finalist, Daisy-moo the Border Collie.

Here's what Daisy-moo’s owner, Christina, says about her.

“Nick name – Moo Moo. She is a 1 & a half year old Border Collie. She is a ball of energy yet has the purest heart. She loves snuggles and kisses as well as playing hide and seek with her human parents. She comes to mum’s work and helps looks after the residents with brain injuries, all the residents love getting snuggles by Daisy! We unfortunately found out that she has 1 kidney and an undeveloped uterus, when getting her neutered. However, she gets well looked after and loves to go for walks. Especially to the local dog parks to visit her other doggy friends.”

Finalist 4: Tango

Meet our fourth finalist, Tango the Corgi.

Here’s what Tango’s owner, Penny, says about him.

“This is Tango, and he sports the cutest tush in town! He's full of spark and personality and nothing, and I mean nothing, gets past him. He loves everyone he meets and has the sweetest nature you could ever ask for. He is a natural showman and loves the camera. He also just happens to be extremely photogenic.”