Swimming & Spa Pools

Building consent for swimming pool or large spas

Depending on the type of your residential pool, you may need a building consent for your pool, pool barrier, or both.

On ground and in ground swimming pools and large spas

You will need a building consent for your pool barrier.

When you need a barrier for your swimming pool or large spas

All pools of depth of 400mm or more need some form of pool barrier.

If your pool has a non-climbable side at least 1.2m high above the ground; and there are no permanent climbable objects located within 1.2m of the pool side (includes trees and plants), the barrier is only needed around the pool access. This could take the form of a fence around the stairs or ladder.

Does a small heated pool need to go on to the Waimakariri District Council's pool register?

You do not need to register your spa pool/hot tub, classified as a ‘small heated pool’ if:

  • The surface area of water is 5m² or less; and
  • The pool is a minimum of 760mm high above any adjacent floor (including surrounding decks), ground or surface that the spa pool sits; and
  • The pool has no steps; and
  • The pool has a complying lockable safety cover.

The spa pool cannot be easily climbed or have any external objects or projections within 760mm of the top edge that could assist climbing, this includes things like fencing and trees etc..
The pool wall itself cannot have any projections or indentations greater that 10mm horizontally from the plane of the wall.

The lockable safety cover must have signage indicating its safety features and must be able to:

  • Restrict entry of children under 5 years of age when closed; and
  • Withstand a foreseeable load; and
  • Be readily returned to the closed position by an adult
  • The warning sign must comply with Paragraphs 2.2 and 3.2.2 of F8/AS1 containing the following text with black letters not less than 5mm in height and shall be fixed on two opposite sides of the cover: “WARNING: This spa pool cover must be kept locked except when under adult supervision”

Please visit F9/AS2 for more detailed information.

The tap or hose that is used to fill the pool, must be fitted with a backflow prevention device. These inexpensive devices will prevent water being sucked back into the main water supply.

Does a small heated pool need to be registered and inspected?

Only if the above compliance criteria is not meet, and/or if we become aware of a non compliant activity.

Swimming pool registration

After completing the online Swimming Pool Registration Form, our team will be in touch to arrange for a building inspector to check and confirm that the pool and/or fencing are compliant.

Please note: If you are applying for a Building Consent then you are not required to complete the online Swimming Pool Registration Form.

I need a building consent; what information is needed?

Specific information to include in a building consent application for a swimming or spa pool:

  • Site plan showing location of pool and existing buildings, location of fence, boundaries and existing waterways
  • Fence construction - show the height, gates, self-closing device, construction type etc. (see 'A guide to pool fencing').
  • Show how many doors or windows that form part of the fence will comply
  • Brand and model of pool
  • Size of the pool
  • Drainage plan - show discharge point
  • Installation instructions/manual
  • Show filling point for pool (tap) and backflow prevention.