Marquee or shade sail

Do I need a building consent?

A building consent is required before erecting many larger marquees or shade sails.

Marquees and tents for public or private use that do not exceed 100 square metres in floor area, and will not be used for more than one month do not require a building consent.

A shade sail requires a building consent if it exceeds 50 square metres, or is to be within 1 metre of a legal boundary, or will be above the first storey level of a building.

What information is needed?

Specific information to include in a building consent application for a marquee or shade sail:

  • For a marquee:
    • Fully completed building consent form (fixed fee)
    • Site plan with the location of the marquee showing any existing structures on the site
    • Details of the event (time, erection and removal dates), numbers of people, escape routes, exits, openings or exit doors
    • Details of peg protection
    • Specify fire extinguishers and emergency lighting where required.
  • For a shade sail:
    • Siting plan with the location of the shade sail
    • Details of connections to structures
    • Details of any posts or poles with appropriate footing details
    • Engineered design details if outside the scope of NZS3604.