A carport is a roofed structure that is used for motor vehicle storage. To be regarded as a carport, at least one side of the structure must be open to the outdoors at all times.

Do I need a building consent?

A Building Consent is required before building a carport unless you meet the criteria for exempt building work.

There are three separate exemptions for carports. You will need to check which professional to hire according to the specifications.

  • Carports up to 20 square metres in floor area
  • Carports up to 40 square metres in floor area, when the design is carried out or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer, OR
  • Carports up to 40 square metres in floor area, when a Licensed Building Practitioner is to carry out or supervise design and construction

Before you start building please make sure you meet all the exemption requirements

All exempt work must comply with any other relevant legislation, such as the Building Code, the Resource Management Act 1991, and the Waimakariri District Plan.

What information is needed?

Specific information to include in a building consent application for a carport:

  • Site plan with the location of the carport and associated buildings
  • Carport construction details (i.e. timber or steel, footings, cladding and roofing, connections and flashing to existing building if necessary)
  • Stormwater disposal details
  • Engineered design details (carport designs are generally outside the scope of NZS3604).