Code Compliance Certificate

What is a Code Compliance Certificate?

A Code Compliance Certificate is a formal statement issued under Section 95 of the Building Act 2004, that building work carried out under a building consent complies with that building consent.

The Code Compliance Certificate must be issued if the BCA is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the building work complies with the building consent under Section 94 of the Building Act 2004.

Lack of a Code Compliance Certificate may cause issues with the bank releasing final builder payments, being able to increase insurance cover, or being able to sell your house.

Building owners, occupiers or controllers need to ensure any building work affecting public premises has a code compliance certificate, certificate for public use or certificate of acceptance before the part of the premises affected by the building work is used by members of the public.

Code Compliance Application

The owner must apply for a Code Compliance Certificate on the Code Compliance Certificate Application (Form 6) (pdf, 174.6 KB) after all building work outlined in the consent has been completed.

The application must include generic information as well as the following:

  • evidence of ownership (certificate of title, lease, sale and purchase agreement)
  • details of authority from the owner if an agent of an owner applies for the code compliance certificate
  • details of the people who undertook the work, including registration numbers if applicable.

The Building Act requires this form to be accompanied by certificates relating to any gas fitting or prescribed electrical work (energy work) that has been carried out.

The building consent authority has 20 working days in which to decide whether to issue the code compliance certificate, following either:

  • the application for a code compliance certificate
  • or expiration of the two year or agreed period since the date the building consent was granted (if no application has been made).

Within the 20 working days or agreed period, the building consent authority can reasonably request further information about the application for a code compliance certificate. If this is the case, then the time period is suspended until the building consent authority receives that information.

Submit the Code Compliance Certificate Application (Form 6) and supporting documents to