Certificate for public use

It is an offence to permit people to use parts of premises intended for public use that are affected by building work, unless the Council confirms it is safe to do so.

Protecting safety of members of public using premises open to public or intended for public use

Section 363 of the Building Act 2004 relates to owners, occupiers and people who control premises intended for public use. Section 363 applies in either of the following situations:

  • A building consent has been issued to undertake the building work, but a code compliance certificate or certificate for public use has not yet been issued (or the conditions on the certificate for public use are not being complied with)
  • A building consent was never issued for the building work that has been undertaken, even though a consent was required.

Applying for a certificate for public use

Once all building work is completed, a code compliance certificate must be obtained. The Council will issue a certificate for public use where it is satisfied it is safe for members of the public to use the premises. The Council can take into account any safety precautions that have been put in place. Certificates for public use can be for all or part of the premises.

The certificate for public use is processed upon receipt of an application for certificate for public use form.

Once completed, an inspection is arranged between the applicant and a Council General Inspector.