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The changes to the Compliance Documents for the building code are effective as from 1st June 2017.


Council have seen a substantial and sustained lift in consent numbers over the last three months and applications submitted over December 2020 look likely to match or exceed post-Earthquake levels.

We are mindful designers, builders and owners anticipate consents will be issued promptly and we will endeavour to continue to meet our statutory obligations. Attending to requests for further information promptly and fully, ensures consent officers can efficiently assess the documents.

Amendments to consents

Council have been reviewing the time spent assessing minor amendments and variations to consents. It’s important the consent file represents what is built as this is vital for the Inspector and the Code Compliance team. Historically, the time to accept, process and update the consent file for a minor amendment or variation ranged from 20 minutes to over two hours.

Commencing February 2021 we will be charging for the minor amendments and variations that are presented to us, over and above the customer service component.

From 31 August 2020, some building projects will no longer need building consents.

The full summary of the exemptions is available at

Even if a building consent may not be required, always check with your local council to make sure your proposed building work does not have any district planning implications (e.g. maximum site coverage, yard/setback requirements, daylight access planes or permitted activities). A resource consent may be required and it is important that you obtain this before starting any building work.

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