Changing your details

Postal address

Please advise us immediately if you change your postal address by completing our online form or by emailing If your spouse's, partner's or other property owner's address also needs updating, let us know.

If you have received a letter from the Council or a building consent at your new address, this does not automatically mean that the change of address has been recorded in the rating records. Changes of address may also be noted on the remittance advice and sent in with your payment.

Change of ratepayer's name

We can change your name on our customer database that covers all dealings with the Council on presentation of a legal document showing your new name (e.g.marriage certificate or deed poll certificate).

If you own property, we recommend that you also change your name on the certificate of title for your property. Instructions on how to do this are on the Land Information NZ website

Change of ownership or occupier

When a property is sold, leased or transferred, a notice of change of ownership form is sent to the Council by the solicitors at the time of settlement. Both parties are legally obliged to give notice of the change of ownership to the Council within one month of the change occurring. Generally one party undertakes to give notice to the Council.