Rates provide funding for Council services and activities after income from other sources such as fees, user charges and subsidies has been allowed for.

Our objectives are:

  • to provide the income needed to meet the Council's net funding requirements
  • to ensure that rates are collected from properties that are the direct beneficiaries of services where these can be identified
  • to spread the incidence of rates as fairly as possible
  • to be consistent in charging for services.

Rates are the way in which those who live or make their income in the Waimakariri District contribute to the maintenance and development of the public assets and services they share with their neighbours.

Look up your rates

If you want to know the rating valuation or rates payable on a property, you can search our rating database by valuation number or address.

Go to the Rating search.

Where your rates are spent (Rates Explorer)

Find out here how the rates paid on your property are used by the Council to fund services and activities.

Solicitor Rates Settlement Enquiry

Solicitor Rates Settlement Enquiries are submitted through the Waimakariri District Council’s online user portal ’eServices’.  Please log in here.

If you do not currently have an eServices account please register here.