Coastal Harvest Programme

We are harvesting the Council’s forestry estate, partly located in the coastal areas between Kairaki and Waikuku. This will take place in June through to October, with some areas harvested in winter 2019.

We planted the forest as a commercial venture and getting a good return on ratepayer’s investment is one of the key drivers of the harvest activity.  Most of the Pinus Radiata trees are over 25 years old, and while they have contributed richly to the natural habitat in the area, there is a potential risk that they be a hazard, especially in high winds.

Council have engaged Laurie Forestry to complete the harvest and re-plant.

Te Kohaka o TÅ«haitara Trust is responsible for coordinating and managing the public access and use of the tracks. The forestry contractor will be working closely with the Trust to keep the public informed of track closures.

Council has also been working closely with the Camp Ground operators located adjacent to the forested areas to understand the impact of the harvest on those businesses and to avoid the peak periods of those operations.

Harvesting activities, such as traffic management in the area, accessing times for the trucks, and what work is done when have all been considered as part of the planning process. Truck movements through residential areas will be limited to normal working days with limits on the timing and volume of truck movements, to minimise the impact on those communities.

The bulk of the harvest itself will occur through the winter and early spring months of 2018, a period where activities levels in the beach areas are lower, rainfall partly reduces issues with dust and when the easterlies are less prevalent.

A program of replanting natives along the western boundary of the forestry blocks will take place, as well as along some key tracks and roads. Council will be working closely with the Te Kohaka o TÅ«haitara Trust on the replanting of areas in natives, which will provide an improved and enduring legacy for future generations to enjoy.

The replanting of pine forest will also be a priority and this will occur as soon as practicable after each block is harvested. To be effective it is best to replant for over the mid to late winter months, so some areas will not be planted until the following autumn of 2019.