Water supply schemes

The Council, through its 16 water supply schemes, supplies water to about  85% of the district’s population. Of the 16 water supply schemes that the Council operates, seven of these are urban on-demand schemes and nine are restricted supplies.

On-demand supplies

On-demand supplies are for larger urban areas. On-demand means that customers draw water directly from the Council’s water mains, without needing a water tank on their property.

The on-demand supplies are Cust, Kaiapoi (including Pines/Kairaki), Oxford Urban, Pegasus, Rangiora, Waikuku Beach and Woodend. These schemes, although on-demand, have some restricted connections for adjoining rural properties.

Although these supplies are on-demand, there may be times when it is necessary for customers to conserve water.  For information on how to conserve water, refer to the Water Conservation page.

Restricted supplies

Restricted supplies are generally for rural properties where on-demand supply is not possible. On these supplies, only an agreed volume of water is supplied to the customer's individual storage tank each day.

The restricted supplies are Garrymere, Fernside, Ohoka, Oxford Rural No. 1, Oxford Rural No. 2, Mandeville, Poyntzs Road, Summerhill and West Eyreton.

If you are on a restricted supply, all your water will be supplied through a restrictor fitted to the service pipe to the on-site storage tank on your property. However, some properties on Ohoka, Poyntzs Road and Garrymere schemes have a 13 l/m restrictor where an on-site tank is not required. Water will be supplied at a lower pressure compared to on-demand supplies.

Learn more about living with a restricted water supply (pdf, 163.8 KB).

SchemeScheme typeNo. of connectionsPrimary sourceTreatment
RangioraOn-demand7042Secure GWNone
Kaiapoi (including Pines/Kairaki)On-demand4710Secure GWNone
PegasusOn-demand1307Secure GWFiltration & chlorine
WoodendOn-demand1075Secure GWManganese filter
Oxford urbanOn-demand845Secure GWNone
Waikuku BeachOn-demand462Unsecure GWNone
CustOn-demand141Secure GWNone
MandevilleRestricted735Secure GWChlorine & pH
Oxford Rural No. 1Restricted333Infiltration galleryChlorine
Oxford Rural No. 2Restricted333Infiltration galleryChlorine
SummerhillRestricted166Secure GWChlorine
FernsideRestricted85Shallow wellChlorine & pH
West EyretonRestricted68Secure GWChlorine
OhokaSemi-restricted93Shallow wellChlorine & pH
Poyntzs RoadSemi-restricted79Shallow wellChlorine
GarrymereSemi-restricted44Shallow wellChlorine & pH

Note: All connection numbers are as at June 2015.

Ashley Rural Water Scheme

Some properties in the Waimakariri District north of the Ashley River (Sefton/Ashley/Loburn areas) are connected to the Ashley Rural Water Scheme which is administered by the Hurunui District Council.

As from 1 July 2021 the rates for this scheme will be invoiced and collected by the Waimakariri District Council.