Rangiora wastewater pipe upgrades

Major roadworks will begin in December 2016 in south and central Rangiora as part of a ten-year project to improve the wastewater network.

A number of large wastewater pipes will be installed in central and south Rangiora in the next ten years. Council will aim to schedule this work to minimise disruption as much as possible.

The first stages of works within the next three years are outlined in some detail below. These will continue for the next 10 years and beyond. The programme has a total value of around $17 million for the next ten years (excluding works already completed).

Stage 1 construction begins from December 2016.

The roadworks associated with the project may disrupt a number of activities, including commuter traffic and affect vehicle access to businesses, schools and pre-schools. Whenever possible, the critical part of the construction will be undertaken during school holidays to minimise effects on schools.

Why upgrade the system?

The works will provide a number of benefits for Rangiora. They will:

  • replace deteriorating older pipes with larger pipes
  • prevent excess water entering or escaping from the system during wet weather
  • reduce the frequency and size of sewage overflows, meaning less contaminated water will overflow onto roads and private property during storms
  • increase capacity, fully providing for wastewater flows from existing properties and allowing for future new connections and ongoing growth in the West Rangiora Development.

Stage 1 December 2016 to June 2017

Stage 1 begins the upgrade at the Rangiora Wastewater Treatment Plant, traversing parts of Dunlops and Railway Roads as far as Torlesse Street. To provide greater capacity for flow, a large concrete pipe will be installed with an internal diameter of 825 mm.

The Council will discuss the potential impact of the works with affected property owners and road user groups throughout 2016. In particular, discussions will include:

  • working with Dunlops Road property owners to maintain their vehicle access
  • potential to provide connection to the wastewater network for the Dunlops Road properties
  • ease of traffic movement into/through adjoining streets during construction works
  • parking disruption to Railway Road
  • minimising impact on nearby businesses.

Stage 2 September 2017 to June 2018

Stage 2 will extend the upgrade from Railway Road at Torlesse Street upstream to and along South Belt, almost as far as Rowse Street.

The impact on the Rangiora New Life School, Southbrook School and the Kindercare Learning Centre will be carefully managed. Access arrangements for homes on Pearson Lane will be discussed with residents.

The community will be updated closer to the construction date. Construction will begin from mid-2017.

Stage 3 September 2018 to June 2019

Stage 3 will extend the pipeline along a section of King Street between South Belt and Charles Street.

Want more information?

Please contact Daniel Thompson on 03 311 8900.

Wastewater upgrade - stage 1:

Map of Rangiora wastewater upgrade stage 1 

Wastewater upgrade - stages 1-6:

Map of Rangiora wastewater upgrade stages 1-6