Rangiora Wastewater Pipe Upgrades

Major roadworks are underway in  central Rangiora as part of a ten-year project to improve the wastewater network.

A number of large wastewater pipes are being installed in central and south Rangiora. This is a multi-year project and the work is being scheduled to minimise disruption as much as possible.

The first stages of works within the next three years are outlined in some detail below. The programme has a total value of around $17 million.

The roadworks associated with the project may disrupt traffic and detours will be required from time to time during the pipe installation. Whenever possible, the critical part of the work will be undertaken during school holidays to minimise effects on schools.

Why upgrade the system?

The works will provide a number of benefits for Rangiora. They will:

  • Replace deteriorating older pipes with larger pipes
  • Prevent excess water entering or escaping from the system during wet weather
  • Reduce the frequency and size of sewage overflows, meaning less contaminated water will overflow onto roads and private property during storms
  • Increase capacity, fully providing for wastewater flows from existing properties and allowing for future new connections and ongoing growth in the West Rangiora Development.

Stage one of work was completed during December 2016 through to June 2017 and began at the Rangiora Wastewater Treatment Plant. It traversed parts of Dunlops and Railway Roads as far as Torlesse Street. It then continued across Southbrook Road, along Pearson Lane, Coronation Street and King Street heading north to Johns Road.

Find out more

Please contact Daniel Thompson, Project Manager on 0800 965 468

Wastewater upgrade - stage one - COMPLETED

Map of Rangiora wastewater upgrade stage 1

Wastewater upgrade - stages one to six:

Map of Rangiora wastewater upgrade stages 1-6

Project Updates

Rangiora Central Sewer Capacity Upgrade
06 Dec 2019

Sewer Upgrade Progress Along King StreetUpcoming work

Ongrade will continue to trench in the new sewer line, and are planning on installing their first new manhole. Once this is installed, the plan is to discharge 'de-watering water' down the new line, which will mean that the traffic management at Charles Street can be taken down.

This should significantly reduce the de-watering water which is currently flowing down King Street and Charles Street.

90m of the 200-250m of pipe has been laid.

28 Nov 2019

Work continues on the Fifth stage of the Rangiora Sewer Capacity Upgrade.

Ongrade Drainage have made good progress, despite two storms threatening to overwhelm the site (especially with the large amount of ‘de-watering water’ already being pumped into the kerb and channel. During the storms, Ongrade reduced the amount of water they were pumping to reduce the flow in the storm drains.

Ongrade have laid a reasonable amount of pipe, and have completed the first section of asphalt reinstatement, they are still using this area for their work site and for pumping and discharging water, which is why they haven’t been able to open Charles Street to normal traffic yet.

7 Nov 2019

Trench shield in place on the intersection of Charles and King StreetWork has kicked off on the Fifth stage of the Rangiora Sewer Capacity Upgrade.

Ongrade Drainage have pumped out the groundwater down to below the level of the future pipe, some of this “dewatering” water can currently be seen going down the kerb on Charles Street.  This will let them trench and lay the Wastewater pipe at a depth of around 3m.

They are using a custom built trench shield which is taller than normal, this will reduce the chance of the trench having material come over the top, or flow in from underneath.