Stock Movement

In the Waimakariri District the road is allowed to be used to move stock and this is controlled by the Stock Movement Bylaw 2020.

Approvals and permits to move stock

In many cases specific Council approval or a permit is not required to move stock provided certain conditions are met. These conditions are detailed in the bylaw.

Council approval or a permit is required for moving stock on the major roads listed in the bylaw, in urban areas, and when the regular movement of stock occurs, such as moving dairy cows across roads to milking sheds.

For safety reasons the moving of stock is not permitted on roads at night or when visibility is very poor.

Returning stock in the case of an escape or an emergency in any situation does not require specific approval; however the conditions outlined in the bylaw should be complied with to ensure road safety is not compromised.

Stock underpasses

The Council will consider requests to construct stock underpasses under any road in the district.

To recognise the benefit the underpasses provide, the Council will normally contribute financial support for the construction of stock underpasses. The maximum contribution available is 25% of the cost and the actual amount depends on the amount of traffic that uses the road.

For enquiries relating to stock underpasses please contact us.