Tree Removal and Maintenance at Woodend Beach

Tree removal is being undertaken at a number of spots along the Woodend Coast.

4 June 2024
We're happy to announce that the work is finished. Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we made these improvements.

Removal of trees within the Tuhaitara Coastal Park land is due to the large fire that swept through the pine plantation in November 2022. The trees are showing fire damage which includes sap staining and beetle infestation, amongst other things, which indicate the trees are unlikely to survive.

Those that have already died pose a risk of falling and until removed will require ongoing and increasingly regular maintenance.

Work on the area adjacent to the Woodend South Domain is nearing completion and in a couple of weeks felling of the trees north of the Woodend Camp through to South Pegasus Carpark will begin. The trees running along the Coast from the Woodend Beach carpark through to north of the Camp will remain. Their health will continue to be monitored; however, it looks like they have escaped the worst of the fire.

For those areas where trees have been removed a replanting programme is currently under consideration however that will not take place on the ground until next winter which will provide optimum conditions for success.

In addition to the fire damaged trees, several (35-40) very old pines within the Woodend Camp and near to the Woodend Beach Road carpark are also being removed. These trees are a Health and Safety risk and have caused a large area of the camp being closed since February.

Work to remove those trees started this week and will be completed by 7 June. Replanting of more suitable plants including those that provide better fire resistance will be carried out following their removal.

Tree removal is dangerous and there will be walkways that will need to be closed from time-to-time. However, nearby alternative beach access will be available. The Woodend Beach Carpark will be closed to all vehicles for the period 20-27 May.

Please feel free to contact the Council if you have any questions.

Contact information

Name: Michael Homan, Property Services Team Leader

Phone: 0800 965 468