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Upcoming Woodend Sefton Community Board Meeting

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board will meet in the Woodend Community Centre at 7pm on Monday 12 March.

It’s LTP Time: Let’s Talk About Rates

How should we spend your rates?  What would you like to see in your District through the next 10 years and beyond?  If you’ve got a view, we’d like to hear it, and now’s the chance to do exactly that, with the four-week submission period for the Long Term Plan (LTP) having opened.

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Meeting Preview, 8 March

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board will hold its monthly tonight, Thursday, 8 March beginning at 7.00 p.m. at the Ohoka Community Hall.

Ashley Rakahuri Public Health Warning Lifted

The area surrounding the Rangiora-Loburn Bridge on the Ashley/Rakahuri River once again has a clean bill of health after the Canterbury District Health Board last night lifted its public health warning for the area.

Boil Water Notice Issued for Oxford Rural No.2 Water Supply Scheme

Turbidity levels in the water supply servicing the Oxford Rural no. 2 water supply scheme have reached the threshold where a boil water notice has had to be issued. The turbidity has been caused by today’s rain.

Judge Brandts-Giesen Recipient of Community Service Award

Judge John Brandts-Giesen was the worthy recipient of a Community Service Award, presented at today’s Council meeting in recognition of the extensive amount of time and dedication he has provided to various local charities and organisations within the Waimakariri District, and right across Canterbury and New Zealand.

Dudley Park Shelter Belt Removal Planned

The scheduled removal of the shelter belt along the western boundary of Rangiora’s Dudley Park is set to begin on Tuesday 13 March. The work is expected to take around three days to complete.

Sewer Pipe to Cross Southbrook Road

Motorists using Southbrook Road will see cones for a while longer as contractors make preparations to install a large sewer main across Southbrook Road into Pearson Lane. The new sewer pipe is part of a major upgrade for Rangiora that is being carried out in the central and southern areas over the next six years.

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