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Range of Community Events Funding

A variety of community events across the District were winners on Monday night as the Woodend-Sefton Community Board approved their funding applications.

Dudley Park Aquatic Centre Closing for Maintenance

The upcoming maintenance closure of Dudley Park Aquatic Centre  may mean customers will have to visit Kaiapoi for their regular swim.

Youth Leading the Way

Waimakariri Youth Council and the Council are stoked to share the adoption of a brand new Youth Strategy for the District.

Council Taking Care of Business With New Initiative

Establishing a business can be notoriously difficult. However it’s about to become easier as the Waimakariri District Council launches ‘Taking Care Of Business’, an initiative to support new and existing business owners in the Waimakariri.

Five District decisions – and we want to know your thoughts

Waimakariri District Council is asking residents for their thoughts on five key topics.

Support Continues For Art Expo

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board continued to show support for the Waimakariri Arts Trust-Kaiapoi Art Expo at a meeting last week.

Opportunity for Mature Drivers to Brush up on Skills

Driving a vehicle is a complicated task which can be affected by many different things, such as age, physical condition and experience.

Enhancing Ecological Reserves

As Rangiora develops to the East, the Council are continuing to enhance open spaces and reserves.  We are now looking to improve the land known as Sparks Land Reserve on Northbrook Road and would love to know what you think about the concept plan.

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