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Stockwater Race Bylaw Under Review

The Council is reviewing its 2019 Stockwater Race Bylaw and is asking Waimakariri residents and water race users for feedback on proposed changes.

Millton Memorial Park Plans Approved

The Rangiora-Ashley Community Board approved the Millton Memorial Park Master Plan at their meeting earlier this month.

Woodend Water Supply Update 28 July

We are aware that some residents are still having issues with the taste of their water on the Woodend supply. This started following repairs that were completed on one of the reservoirs in late June.

Electric Scooters Coming to Town

Electric scooters are set to be allowed in several towns across the Waimakariri District as part of a six month long trial.

It’s Back to School Next Week

School holidays are nearly over and our children will be heading back to school next week.  Winter time adds extra risk to road user’s journeys, particularly for children who don’t have as much experience or are easily distracted.

Cycling and E-Scooters Top the Agenda

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board was pleased to hear an update from the Sefton Public Hall Committee at their meeting last week. The group had made a submission for funding towards a new hall under the Council’s recent Long Term Plan.

Tsunami Information Evenings Coming Soon

Residents are being invited to hear directly from the tsunami experts and ask questions in a series of public meetings that kick off next week.

Preparing for a Wet Weekend

The heavier rain expected over this weekend looks to have passed and rivers across Canterbury are subsiding. The weather forecast for tomorrow and the coming week is for a couple of short periods of light rain - but nothing to worry about.

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