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Kerbside Bins Are Coming...What Will You Choose?

In preparation for the kerbside collection service which starts from July 2019, Council are asking ratepayers in the kerbside collection area what service they would like, for their property to ready themselves for the roll out. Additional bin services will come at an extra cost in the property’s rates.

Tram Road, Mandeville – 80km/h speed limit into effect Wednesday 4 July

Road users on Tram Road, Mandeville are advised that the 80km/h speed limit will be in place from 6am Wednesday, 4 July 2018.

Jack Frost Brings Black Ice

Jack Frost has visited the district just a few times so far this winter but it’s likely he will make a return over the coming weeks.

New Look Chatter Coming Your Way

The Community Team have been working hard together with our fabulous administrative team to update the look and feel of Chatter.  Madeleine Burdon, Community Development Advisor says, “We designed the new version of Chatter to be fresh, bright, eye-catching and easy to navigate.  We listened to feedback from contributors and users and hope the changes we made will be well received.”

Migrant Stories

Launched last night in Rangiora Town Hall is a new video where migrants share their stories, including the highs and lows of settling into a new country. The video was a project championed by the Waimakariri Migrants and Newcomers Group to help share migrants experiences across the district.

Step up and Support Local Theatre

Theatre and arts communities all over the world rely on Volunteer Ushers. Volunteering is recognised as being a fun and fulfilling way of giving back to a community, and it is an opportunity to learn new skills, connect with others and make new friends.

Iconic Building Coming Down

If you happen to be around the corner of Ashley and High Street, you will soon see demolition of the iconic Rangiora EyeCare Building.  The owners are demolishing the building to make way for a new and improved building.

Let’s Talk Public Spaces

The Waimakariri District Council’s Business Zones 1 & 2 Public Spaces Policy broadly guides how public spaces in business zones are best utilised. Businesses and members of the public are encouraged to use these public spaces in a fair and responsible way that does not impair or obstruct safe and efficient pedestrian movement.

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