Local Body Elections

Local Body Election - Saturday 12 October 2019

Election Results

View the official declared election results.


  • Mayor (1)
  • Councillor (10)
  • Community Board member (24)


  • Voting papers are released from 20 to 25 September 2019
  • Post your vote back by Tues 8 October or drop your vote papers back to the Rangiora, Kaiapoi or Oxford Service Centres before noon Saturday 12 October
  • The Rangiora Service Centre will be open for receipt of final vote papers from 9am to noon on Saturday 12 October
  • Special vote papers will only be issued from Rangiora Service Centre
  • Voting closes Noon, Saturday 12 October 2019

Public 'meet the candidate' sessions are not run by the Council. These may occur through interested organisations or clubs through September. Events and candidate contact information listed under the drop-downs below.

Here is the link to the Election Returns for Waimakariri

Election Returns

Latest Information:


Click below to expand and view who is standing for election, public 'meet the candidate' sessions and candidate statements.

Electoral Donations and Expenses Declarations


Final nominations as at 16 August 2019.

Nomination NamePosition StandingWard/CommunityContact PhContact EmailNominator 1Nominator 2
Kirstyn Barnett (Linking Community with Council)MayorDistrict021 312 230kirstynbarnett@gmail.comP BoydI Gascoyne
Michael Joseph BateMayorDistrict027 277 3667michaelbate@xtra.co.nzB HogarthR Loudon
Paul WilliamsMayorDistrict021 0222 1364paul.sue.williams@gmail.comL HoldemM Van Der Meer
Natalie Michelle Leary (Independent)MayorDistrict020 4135 7286natalieleary00@gmail.comL AtkinsonD Rutter
Robbie BrineMayorDistrict021 0277 4188robbiebrinewdc@outlook.comR PabstS Sweeny
Dan GordonMayorDistrict021 906 437dan@dangordon.co.nzB GordonR Gerard
Oliver SandersonMayorDistrict027 427 0367oliver.sanderson@gmail.comA DouglasI Thompson
Jay Webb  (Independent)MayorDistrict021 054 3384jay4mayor2019@gmail.comJ HochstetterM Harrison
Wendy DoodyMayorDistrict027 515 8372ian.wendy@xtra.co.nzJ DoodyW Doody
Michael Joseph BateCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward027 277 3667michaelbate@xtra.co.nzB HogarthR Loudon
Philip Redmond (Independent)CouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward0274 395 515piredmond@hotmail.comJ MeyerH Williams
Al BlackieCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward027 327 6761ablackie@xtra.co.nzR AckroydC Greengrass
Shona PowellCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward021 0231 6152voteshona@gmail.comR MatherJ Meyer
Brent CairnsCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward027 222 4767brent@brentcairns.comS GilesT Burford
Sandra StewartCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward027 668 8583skrownek@xtra.co.nzM BlackwellK Bailey
Neville AtkinsonCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward021 558 037office@aroundtuit.co.nzJ AtkinsonJ Meyer
Russell KeetleyCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward0210 894 9646rjkeetley@gmail.comJ PitamaP Broadhurst
Martin PinkhamCouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward021 548 751martin@pinkham.co.nzJ ToppG Wong
Natalie Michelle Leary   (Independent)CouncilKaiapoi-Woodend Ward020 4135 7286natalieleary00@gmail.comC BloomfieldA Leary
Kevin FelsteadCouncilOxford-Ohoka Ward0274 394 603k-m-felstead@xtra.co.nzM FelsteadJ Felstead
Niki MealingsCouncilOxford-Ohoka Ward027 293 4937phil-niki-mealings@xtra.co.nzM HicksM Wilson
Thomas RobsonCouncilOxford-Ohoka Ward022 100 4744Thomas.Taylor.Robson@gmail.comC HughesC Riley
Wendy DoodyCouncilOxford-Ohoka Ward027 515 8372ian.wendy@xtra.co.nzJ DoodyW Doody
Kirstyn Barnett (Linking Community with Council)CouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward021 312 230kirstynbarnett@gmail.comT PirieD Hartley-Brown
Paul WilliamsCouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward021 0222 1364paul.sue.williams@gmail.comL HoldemM Van Der Meer
Robbie BrineCouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward021 0277 4188robbiebrinewdc@outlook.comR PabstS Sweeny
Dan GordonCouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward021 906 437dan@dangordon.co.nzM ClarkeS Lewis
Joan WardCouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward021 221 7021davidandjoan@xtra.co.nzA ChapmanR Gerard
Andrew Allan-Johns (Independent)CouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward027 560 0599andrewallanjohns@gmail.comP LupiA Wenborn
Miles Stapylton-Smith (Independent)CouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward0204 016 9790kathleenandmiles@protonmail.comK Stapylton-SmithP Devlin
Peter Fraser (Independent)CouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward027 2002 505peterrfraser@gmail.comJ NorrisJ Woosnam
Jason GoldsworthyCouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward027 232 2726jasond.goldsworthy@gmail.comL MarksA Watts
Jay Webb  (Independent)CouncilRangiora-Ashley Ward021 054 3384jay4mayor2019@gmail.comJ HochstetterM Harrison
Philip Redmond (Independent)Community BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community0274 395 515piredmond@hotmail.comJ MeyerH Williams
Jackie WatsonCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community022 350 9547jackiewatsonohoka@gmail.comA BlackwellM Toland
Al BlackieCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community027 327 6761ablackie@xtra.co.nzR AckroydC Greengrass
Chris GreengrassCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community021 781 939cgreengrass@xtra.co.nzT BaylissD Morton
Brent CairnsCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community027 222 4767brent@brentcairns.comS GilesT Burford
Cassandra Millward (Independent)Community BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community027 320 3453casseymillward3@gmail.comR KosterS Bull
John MeyerCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community027 362 6741ljmeyer@xtra.co.nzM HogarthE Hogarth
Sandra StewartCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community027 668 8583skrownek@xtra.co.nzM BlackwellK Bailey
Russell KeetleyCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community0210 894 9646rjkeetley@gmail.comJ PitamaP Broadhurst
Martin PinkhamCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community021 548 751martin@pinkham.co.nzJ ToppG Wong
Daniel HuismanCommunity BoardKaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community021 357 021hi@danforkaiapoi.co.nzA RadfordC Huisman
Jim GerardCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision027 726 8555jimmarygerard@gmail.comM GarvanJ Ward
Robbie BrineCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision021 0277 4188robbiebrinewdc@outlook.comR PabstS
Sarah LewisCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision021 644 281sarah.lewis@outlook.co.nzS LewisS Wyatt
Murray ClarkeCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision027 513 7678ma.clarke@xtra.co.nzJ HurleyR Gerard
Andrew Allan-Johns (Independent)Community BoardRangiora Subdivision027 560 0599andrewallanjohns@gmail.comS Allan-JohnsC Allan-Johns
Jason GoldsworthyCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision027 232 2726jasond.goldsworthy@gmail.comL MarksA Watts
Miles Stapylton-Smith  (Independent)Community BoardRangiora Subdivision0204 016 9790kathleenandmiles@protonmail.comK Stapylton-SmithP Devlin
Keith GallowayCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision027 430 0415kandpgalloway@gmail.comT StothersL Leech
Monique FlemingCommunity BoardRangiora Subdivision027 716 9380monique@inspire.net.nzJ HoultR Gerard
Kirstyn Barnett (Linking Community with Council)Community BoardAshley Subdivision021 312 230kirstynbarnett@gmail.comJ LawrenceD Harwood
Greg MillerCommunity BoardAshley Subdivision027 338 6686gjandldmiller@xtra.co.nzG EdgeN Richardson
Duncan LundyCommunity BoardAshley Subdivision027 428 6674blackbullokuku@farmside.co.nzA AbernethyD Lundy
Chris PrickettCommunity BoardAshley Subdivision03 310 7308chris@nces.co.nzD HarwoodK Barnett
Morris HarrisCommunity BoardAshley Subdivision021 062 3895harrism@xtra.co.nzE FrazerB Heffernan
Andrew WellsCommunity BoardAshley Subdivision027 696 1213andrew@nzwells.comE StubbsA Wells
Doug NichollCommunity BoardOhoka-Swannanoa Subdivision027 439 4961marganddoug@xtra.co.nzJ SnowC Snow
John LynnCommunity BoardOhoka-Swannanoa Subdivision027 448 1430elaine.john@xtra.co.nzK GodwinK Rayner
Ray HarpurCommunity BoardOhoka-Swannanoa Subdivision027 327 1357ray.harpur@xtra.co.nzG ChadwickRJW Ensor
Sarah BarkleCommunity BoardOhoka-Swannanoa Subdivision027 257 5886office@jbdemex.co.nzE AndersonJ Barkle
Shirley Farrell (Independent)Community BoardOxford Subdivision021 312 438hielanhouse@gmail.comL RiachL Price
Mark BrownCommunity BoardOxford Subdivision029 777 0131mkjcm@xtra.co.nzK BrownJ Brown
Thomas RobsonCommunity BoardOxford Subdivision022 100 4744Thomas.Taylor.Robson@gmail.comC HughesC Riley
Phillip ColemanCommunity BoardOxford Subdivision027 3155 855colemanoxford@gmail.comT SullivanG Shaskey
John ArcherCommunity BoardWoodend-Sefton Community0274 332 558johnearcher65@gmail.comR WhiteA Wethey
Shona PowellCommunity BoardWoodend-Sefton Community021 0231 6152voteshona@gmail.comR MatherA Dickerson
Andrea AllenCommunity BoardWoodend-Sefton Community021 225 2001andrea.allen@harcourts.co.nzG A'CourtS A'Court
Andrew ThompsonCommunity BoardWoodend-Sefton Community0272 357 140andrewbjthompson@gmail.comD SolomonK Purchas
Nicola Grigg  (Independent)Community BoardWoodend-Sefton Community0274 400 284griggsefton@gmail.comT SkevingtonK Robinson
Mark PatersonCommunity BoardWoodend-Sefton Community027 534 9112mark.rach@xtra.co.nzA SimpsonS Lodge Whitham

Candidate Statements

Mayoral Debate and Q&A Sessions

These sessions have been organised independently of the Council.

Wednesday 4 September 10.45amPegasus Community CentreSubmit questions to:  prgi@pegasusresidentsgroup.com 
Tuesday 17 September7.00pmOxford Working Men’s ClubSubmit questions to: dbmcp@xtra.co.nz3 segments of speech and Q&A:
- Mayoral
- Oxford-Ohoka Councillors
- Oxford subdivision of Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
Thursday 19 September7.30pmWaikuku Community HallSubmit questions to: who4mayor@gmail.com 
Wednesday 25 September6.30pmPines & Kairaki Community HallSubmit questions to:  pineskairaki@gmail.com

Local Body Elections 2019

How to enrol

How to enrol

If you love Waimakariri and want to vote on the future of the Waimakariri District, enrol to vote so you can have a say on the people who make decisions on what happens in your community.

If you’re not enrolled to vote, visit the Electoral Commission, call 0800 36 76 56, or free text your name and address to 3076.

Residential Roll

If you are registered to vote in parliamentary elections, you will be automatically enrolled on the local body electoral roll at the address where you live.

Make sure you’re enrolled to vote by Friday 16 August to get your voting papers emailed to you. If you enrol later, you’ll need to cast a special vote in this year’s elections.

Any changes to the residential roll (address details, etc) should be made by:

  • Telephoning 0800 ENROLNOW (0800 36 76 56); or
  • Completing the appropriate form at any post shop; or
  • Visiting the Electoral Commission website.

Ratepayer Roll

If you are on the electoral role in one area and pay rates on another property in another area, you may be eligible for enrolment on the non-residential ratepayer roll. This qualifies you to vote more than once in the local elections. A business, company, corporation or society paying rates on a property may nominate one of its members or officers as a ratepayer elector (providing the nominated person is on the parliamentary roll outside of the city, ward or community the property is in).

Where multiple people are shown as ratepayers of a property, if all those ratepayers are on the electoral roll outside of the city ward, or community the property is located in, those ratepayers can nominate one of them as a ratepayer elector for the property.

You can download the 2019 Ratepayer Enrolment Form

Voting and Special Voting

Who am I voting for?

Waimakariri District Council has two decision-making parts: the Council and Community Boards.
You will be able to vote for:

  • the mayor and ward councillors
  • Community Board members.

You can find your ward and community board on this map. The term for elected members is three years.


The Council is made up of the mayor and 10 councillors. It makes decisions important to Waimakariri as a whole.
All Waimakariri voters elect the mayor, while councillors are elected by voters from the ward they represent.

Community Boards

Waimakariri has four community boards to represent their individual areas. You can find your ward and community board on this map.

Rangiora-Ashley Community Board representing the Rangiora and Ashley subdivisions.

This board has eight elected board members and four elected Councillors.

Five Board members will come from the Rangiora subdivision and three Board members will come from the Ashley subdivision. Once elected to the Board all members will represent the Rangiora-Ashley Ward.

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board representing the Oxford and Ohoka-Swannanoa subdivisions.

This Board has six elected Board members and two elected Councillors.

Three Board members will come from the Oxford subdivision and three Board members will come from the Ohoka-Swannanoa subdivision. Once elected to the Board all members will represent the Oxford-Ohoka Ward.

Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community Board representing the southern area of the Kaiapoi-Woodened Ward.

This board has five elected Board members and two elected Councillors.

All five Board members will come from Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community and once elected all the Board will represent the Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi Community area.

Woodened-Sefton Community Board representing the northern area of the Kaiapoi-Woodend Ward.

This Board has five elected Board members and two elected Councillors.

All five Board members will come from the Woodened-Sefton Community and once elected all the Board will represent the Woodened-Sefton Community area.

Councillors are also members of the Community Board covering their ward and are appointed to the Community Board by the Council.

Community boards make decisions on local issues, activities and facilities, and help build strong communities.

Special Voting

There are many reasons you would cast a special vote, including:

  • Your name does not appear on the final electoral roll, but you qualify as an elector
  • You have chosen to put your name on the unpublished (confidential) roll
  • You have moved since the electoral roll was compiled (and have lived at your new residential address for one month or more)
  • You spoilt, lost or did not receive your ordinary voting document
  • You will be away from your residential address during the voting period
  • You are eligible to vote for some positions in the electorate as a ratepayer elector (for a property you own but do not live in)

If elections are being held and you need a special vote, contact Sarah Nichols, our Deputy Electoral Officer, on 021 679 063 or visit the Rangiora Service Centre to request a special vote.

Note: Special Voting papers will only be available from 20 September to 12 October 2019.

You will need to sign a statutory declaration when you cast a special vote. This is a legal requirement to protect voters against possible duplicate voting. The statutory declaration will be provided to the person casting the special vote, along with a special voting paper and candidate profile booklet.

Info requested by candidates

Who can vote:

Anyone 18 years or older who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and has lived in New Zealand for more than one year continuously at some time in their life.

Who can stand for election:

Anyone 18 years or older who is a New Zealand citizen (proof will be required) and is enrolled on the parliamentary roll.

Information for (prospective) candidates

Documents and resources for candidates

It’s an exciting time to be part of local government and local elections are a great opportunity to see your community progress from your dedication. A democracy only succeeds if people who care for the community are prepared to give it a go, do their bit and have a say.

We have searched for the best people to shape our cities, towns and regions. Our members need vision and commitment to help them make our communities better places in which to live.

Successful local election candidates are those that take the time to listen to their communities, engage with the people within them and go on to champion their voice as their representative.

Here are some resources to help you plan your campaign:

Nomination forms will not be able to be received and processed by electoral staff prior to Friday 19 July.

Download the PowerPoint  ppt, 7.0 MB shown at the recently held prospective candidate info evening, outlining the nomination process etc.  For further information please contact Sarah Nichols, Deputy Electoral Officer/Governance Manager:   elections@wmk.govt.nz or 021 679 063.

Quick notes for perspective candidates:

  • Photos (colour)  submitted with nomination papers must be less than 6 months old – these go in the voting profile booklet   (what photos you use during campaigning can be of any age)
  • No signage hoardings can be erected before Saturday 10 August.  (Decorated vehicles, adverts and flyers can commence anytime).
  • Remember that ALL election advertising using any media, including social media, posters, adverts, billboards, flyers, vehicle signage, websites, Facebook pages etc MUST have a readable sentence at the bottom saying that it is “Authorised by (your name/agent) xxx Joe Bloggs, (your/agent address) xxx20 Somewhere St, (you/agent town) Sampletown”    No PO Box or Rural delivery number is to be used.
  • Keep a track of ALL of your expenses and keep receipts.  (including the spending you are doing now).

New change to rules this year:

  • When nominations are received this year – NO Cheques will be accepted – its cash, eftpos or direct banking only.  Its still only $200.
  • When nominations are received this year – you MUST provide proof of citizenship as part of the nomination paperwork process – either copy of passport, birth certificate or NZ citizenship documentation.

Related information:

The DHB Candidate booklet is now live on the Ministry of Health website, along with contact details for electoral officers and also Conflict of Interest information.

Maps and boundaries

Information from previous elections

Candidate and background information

Candidate handbooks

Representation review determination - Local Government Commission

Pre-election report 2016

The purpose of a pre-election report (pdf, 552.8 KB) is to provide information to promote public discussion about the issues facing the Waimakariri District Council. The pre-election report brings together information previously published in Council's Ten Year Plans, Annual Plans, Annual Reports and associated summaries.

The electoral system used is First Past the Post (FPP).

Elections are also held at this time for the Canterbury District Health Board and Environment Canterbury.

Media information


Ward area Est. resident population
(30 June 2015 Statistics NZ)
(Residential roll May 2016)
House population
Waimakariri 56,350 39,467 24,363
Rangiora subdivision 17,200 12,115 7,731
Ashley subdivision 6,700 4,683 2,923
Total Rangiora-Ashley ward 23,900 16,798 10,654
Oxford subdivision 5,800 4,026 3,216
Oxford-Swannanoa subdivision 5,850 4,057 2,318
Total Oxford-Ohoka ward 11,650 8,083 5,534
Woodend-Sefton community 7,200 4,895 4,022
Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi community 13,600 9,691 4,153
Total Kaiapoi-Woodend ward 23,800 14,586 8,175

2017 By-Election (December) - Rangiora/Ashley

Rangiora-Ashley Ward By-Election

Due to the passing of Councillor Peter Allen, a vacancy has resulted for Councillor of Rangiora-Ashley Ward.

Preliminary Result

Updated 12 December 2017

BARNETT, Kirstyn Independent - 1,343
MCMILLAN, Catherine - 1,201
EDGE, Grant - 994
STEWART, Linda Independent - 726

The voter return is currently 29.08%, being 5,181 votes, excluding special votes.
There are 14 special votes to be processed.

Key Dates:

  • Public notification of by-election: Monday 18 September 2017
  • Nominations open: Monday 18 September 2017
  • Nominations close: Monday 16 October, strictly at 12 noon
  • Voting papers despatched (voting opens): 20-25 November
  • Voting closes: Tuesday 12 December, strictly at 12 noon
  • Announcement of preliminary results: Tuesday 12 December (anticipated late afternoon)

How Many Vote Papers Have Been Returned To Date

Note: The votes have been electronically scanned and counted, but the outcome of how many votes for each Candidate is not known until after voting closes on Tuesday 12 December at 12 noon.


  • BARNETT Kirstyn (Independent)
  • EDGE Grant
  • MCMILLAN Catherine
  • STEWART Linda (Independent)

View/Download the 2017 By-Election Candidate Profile (pdf, 465.1 KB)

Further Notice of Election for the 2017 Rangiora-Ashley Ward By-Election (pdf, 32.1 KB)

Public Notice (pdf, 272.9 KB)

2017 By-Election (February) - Woodend/Sefton

About the 2017 By-Election

This by-election is for the extraordinary vacancy for one Wooden-Sefton Community Board member. The extraordinary vacancy has arisen from the resignation of Karen Eastwood.

Related Resources:

2016 Election (October)

Declaration of result October 2016

The declaration of result for the Waimakariri District Council elections held on Saturday 8 October 2016 - Declaration of results (pdf, 72.3 KB)

Electoral expenses and donations 2016

This document is temporarily unavailable. To request this please email elections@wmk.govt.nz

Received nominations

Candidate profile information

Read what candidates standing for elected positions on the Waimakariri District Council, Environment Canterbury and Canterbury District Health Board have written about themselves and their policies.

Three candidates for three positions on the Ohoka-Swannanoa Subdivision, therefore automatically elected to the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board

Daily Election Paper Returns - per ward

Daily returns per ward

Candidate information session

The candidate information session was held on 19 July 2016 - view the presentation (pdf, 945.6 KB) .

2014 By-Election (April)

By-election April 2014 - Woodend-Ashley Community Board

Voting in the Woodend-Ashley Community Board by-election opened on Monday 7 April and closed at 12 noon on Tuesday 29 April 2014.

2013 Election (October)

Final results October 2013

Electoral expenses and donations October 2013


Any questions can be directed to:

Sarah Nichols
Governance Manager and Deputy Electoral Officer
Waimakariri District Council
Phone: 0800 965 468 or 021 679 063
Email: elections@wmk.govt.nz

Anthony Morton
Waimakariri District Council Electoral Officer
electionz.com Ltd
P O Box 3138
Christchurch 8140
Phone: 0800 666 941
Fax: 03 377 1474
Email: waimakariridc@electionz.com