Strengthening Woodend town centre

This project was identified as a key short term project from the Woodend Pegasus Area Strategy.

The Council approved the overall concept design for Woodend town centre on 9 March 2015. The design for the town centre aims to enhance the look and feel of the Business 1 zoned area on the west of Main North Road between School Road and Parsonage Road.

The design includes a continuous delineated footpath and clear, rationalised vehicle access points to improve pedestrian walkability in the centre and provide a safe environment. It also takes advantage to utilise the strip of land between the property boundaries and the kerb for comprehensive landscaping, paving, seating and street furniture improvements.

Work to begin

Work on the upgrade to the town centre is due to begin on Monday 7 March 2016 and is due to be completed by 15 May 2016. Nor West Contracting will be carrying out the work.

Woodend town centre project updates