Kaiapoi Town Centre

Our vision for Kaiapoi town centre

An attractive historic river town, a place to visit, shop and socialise. 

Kaiapoi town centre update evening

The Council held a Kaiapoi Town Centre update evening on 10 July 2014 to provide an update about Kaiapoi's town centre progress, town centre buildings, business support/marketing, and residential catchment for the town centre.

Kaiapoi project updates

Keep up-to-date on the Council's major projects in Kaiapoi on the Kaiapoi project updates page. We will also include information on private sector projects where this information is provided to us.

Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan

The Council adopted the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan (pdf, 2.2 MB) in June 2011 after significant community input into its development. The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan provides a framework to rebuild, redevelop and revitalise the Kaiapoi town centre and respond to issues faced both prior to the September 2010 earthquake that hit Canterbury and had a devastating effect on the Kaiapoi town centre and especially as a response to it.

The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan identifies issues that need to be addressed and sets out a vision for the future. It outlines a number of projects that help achieve the vision and shape the future of the town centre. Collectively, the projects indicate the future directions for managing the restoration and redevelopment of the town centre. In brief, the eight core projects involve:

  • The Williams Street Bridge - emphasise river and enhance connectivity between north and south
  • The (former) Bridge Tavern Site - create additional town centre landmark and key attraction along river
  • Williams Street North Redesign - provide attractive street environment and public space and define entrance
  • Raven Quay West - provide easily accessible riverside/town centre interface on south bank
  • Williams Street South Redesign - enhance street environment and identify southern entrance
  • Street Improvements - improve intersections, improve on-street parking and enhance street environment
  • Design Principles for Western Precinct - identify principles for good urban design for this area's development
  • Design Guidelines - identify design principles for new buildings and spaces in town centre.

Implementation of the Plan is underway. Stay updated with progress by keeping your eye on the Kaiapoi project updates page, as well as resources added to 'Kaiapoi Town Centre Research and Resources' below.

Kaiapoi town centre research and resources

In developing the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan, the Council undertook and reviewed large amounts of research and existing information relating to the town centre, ranging from community and business surveys, traffic and parking studies, retail and urban design assessments and more. The Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan built on the Kaiapoi Town Centre Revitalisation Plan which had been under development since 2008 (up until the September 2010 earthquake). Download existing information, other relevant project material and newly developed implementation documentation formed to put into action the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan below.