Council Documents

This page has links to key Council documents on this website.

Activity management plans

Annual Plan

The Annual Plan outlines the Council's work programme and key projects for the next year.

Annual Report

The Annual Report is an accountability document reporting on the Council's performance over the past year.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the roles and responsibilities of the elected members (pdf, 71 kB).

Council Controlled Organisations

A list of Council Controlled Organisations (CCO's), their statements of intent and reports to Council.

Council Strategies and Plans

A list of Council Strategies and Plans which set out the vision, goals, objectives, projects and plans to achieve outcomes relating to specific issues.

Delegations Manual

The Delegations Manual has been adopted by the Council to define and record appropriate levels of decision-making authority for the functions of the Council and its committees, and the management functions of staff.

District Plan

The District Plan identifies issues considered important in relation to sustainable management of the environment.

Engineering Code of Practice

The Engineering Code of Practice sets out guidelines for developers and contractors to assist them in complying with the WDC District Plan, bylaws, policies and consents.

Fact Sheets

A full list of all our fact sheets.

Governance Statement

The Governance Statement outlines how the Council makes decisions and shows how residents can influence those processes (pdf, 782 kB).

Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan is a comprehensive statement of the Council's plans for the next ten years.

Policy Manual

The Policy Manual contains the policies that set the basis for Council decisions and procedures, approved by resolution of the Council.

Register of Interests - Mayor and Councillors

Register of Interests - Community Boards

Research and Monitoring Reports

Reports on surveys and other research projects undertaken by the Council's Policy and Strategy Unit.