Oxford-Ohoka Community Board

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board covers the township of Oxford and the surrounding areas of Ohoka, West Eyreton, Mandeville and Swannanoa. The area has a population of 11,650.

Community Board member details for the 11th term will be available soon. Below are the Board members from the previous term.

4th Dec 2019 at 07:00 pm
Oxford-Ohoka Community Board  at Oxford

Oxford-Ohoka Community BoardThe Oxford-Ohoka Community Board was formed in October 2016 with 8 elected Board Members. Two Oxford-Ohoka ward councillors are also appointed to the Board by the Council giving a total of eight members.

The purpose of a community board is to represent and act as an advocate for the interests of its community on a local level.

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board is not the Council nor is it a committee of the Council. The Board works collaboratively with the Council to achieve community goals.

The Board works closely with local community groups and residents to understand their priorities and concerns. The Board advocates for your interests through submissions, feedback and discussion with the Council and other decision making authorities.

If you are a resident, or part of a local community group who wish to raise any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Board for advice and help (see below).

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Members

Doug Nicholl, Chair

  • Home: 03 327 6705
  • Mobile: 027 439 4961


58 Mill Road, RD2, Kaiapoi 7692

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Doug Nicholl

Mark Brown, Deputy Chair

  • Home: 03 312 5545


1482 North Eyre Road, RD 5, Rangiora 7475

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Mark Brown

Wendy Doody

  • Home: 03 312 1330
  • Mobile: 027 515 8372


28 Tawera Lane, Oxford 7430

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Wendy Doody

James Ensor

  • Home: 03 312 6728
  • Mobile: 027 434 6949


32 Truro Close, RD 2, Kaiapoi 7692

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James Ensor

Kevin Felstead, Deputy Mayor

  • Home: 03 312 4673
  • Mobile: 027 439 4603


5 Korimako Close, Oxford 7430

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Kevin Felstead

John Lynn

  • Home: 03 312 6414
  • Mobile: 027 448 1430


21 Keetly Place, RD 2, Kaiapoi 7692

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John Lynn

Thomas Robson

  • Mobile: 022 100 4744


17 Park Avenue, Oxford 7430

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Thomas Robson