District Licensing Committee

The Waimakariri District Licensing Committee (delegated by Council to a subcommittee) is appointed to administer the Council's alcohol licensing framework as determined by the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and the Council’s Local Alcohol Policy.

The sale, supply and consumption of alcohol should be undertaken safely and responsibly, and the harm caused by the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol should be minimised. The District Licensing Committee believes that the key to achieving the aims of the Act is in the promotion of responsible attitudes of both licensees and the public in achieving a mature approach to liquor consumption.

Our aim is to make sure that people in the Waimakariri area can enjoy a safe and happy time in our district's alcohol establishments and to make sure everyone is upholding their legislative responsibilities.

Committee members

At the Council meeting on 6 December 2016, Council will appoint a District Licensing Committee: This page will be updated with the new Committee members following this meeting.

Chairperson: Councillor Neville Atkinson
Deputy Chairperson: Commissioner Jim Gerard
List Members: Councillor Wendy Doody, Councillor John Meyer, Councillor Paul Williams, Commissioner Al Lawn

Appointments are for a five-year period commencing 7 December 2016. The Committee is appointed as required by section 186 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

District Licensing Committee hearings

Meeting dates and agendas for the Committee will be published on this page when they are available. Unless stated otherwise, all hearings will be held in the Council Chambers, 215 High Street, Rangiora.

The Alcohol.org.nz website has guides to assist anyone preparing for a District Licensing Committee hearing.

Decisions of the District Licensing Committee

Every decision of the District Licensing Committee must be publicly notified. Please see the decisions of the Waimakariri District Licensing Committee in the following sections:

Decisions from a hearing

ApplicantDateDecision number
Karan Joshi31 July 2019[2019] WDLC 165 (pdf, 244.2 KB)
Holco Holdings Limited  trading as Mainstreet Sports Bar1 February 2019[2019] WDLC 033 (pdf, 1.1 MB)
Juliana da Fonseca Xavier Teixeira13 July 2018[2018] WDLC 172 (pdf, 1.5 MB)
Karan Joshi13 July 2018[2018] WDLC 171 (pdf, 1.8 MB)
Samuel William Hogarth15 June 2016[2016] WDLC 120 (pdf, 59.8 KB)

Decisions from unopposed applications

These are collated into a monthly document. New monthly documents will be added to the list below when they are made available

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File Size
Unopposed Application Decisions JUN 2019 5.2 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions MAY 2019 6.6 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions APR 2019 5.6 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions MAR 2019 6.6 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions FEB 2019 2.8 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions JAN 2019 1.2 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions DEC 2018 6.5 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions NOV 2018 7.7 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions OCT 2018 4.5 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions SEPT 2018 6.0 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions AUG 2018 10.8 MB
Unopposed Application Decisions JUL 2018 9.0 MB

Contact details

If you require further information, or wish to make an enquiry relating to any District Licensing Committee decision, please contact:

Malcolm Johnston
District Licensing Committee Secretary
215 High Street
Private Bag 1005
Rangiora 7440