Kaiapoi River Navigation Channel Dredging

Dredging will be taking place on the Kaiapoi River from June 2020 until August 2020.

Map highlighting areas of Kaiapoi River to be dredgedSix sections of the Kaiapoi River are to be dredged between the Waimakariri confluence and the Williams Street Bridge, including the marina basin in the vicinity of the pontoons.

Smith Crane and Construction will use a state-of-the-art Bell 250 cutter-suction dredge operated from a sectional barge for this work. The excavator mounted dredge generates significantly less sediment than conventional dredging methods.

The dredge pipe, will float to land where it will discharge material to settling ponds at Corcoran Reserve.

The settling ponds separate the silt from the water and the filtered water will then be pumped back into the Kaiapoi River.

Please take care around the work site and follow all directions from site workers.

Channel Dredging Location Map for Kaiapoi River Marine Precinct

Walkways will remain open.

For more Information, contact:

Duncan Roxborough
Implementation Project Manager - District Regeneration
0800 965 468 (0800 WMK GOV)

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