Beswick Stormwater Management Area - Wetlands

Biodiversity and stormwater management.

The Beswick Stormwater Management Area is a good example of combining urban drainage engineering with improving indigenous biodiversity. The 180 by 65 metre-wide wetland area has been planted out with typical Canterbury lowland swamp plants such; as Raupō (Typha orientalis), Pukio (Carex secta) and NZ flax (Phormium tenax). These plants will serve as sediment control by trapping sediment from runoff and flooding to protect the water quality before it eventually flows to the Kaiapoi River.

The wider land area acts as a sponge, soaking up excess water. Following significant rainfalls it will help reduce flooding, erosion and will help slow the floodwaters down without inundating the Kaiapoi River.

Wetlands are home to a wide variety of native flora and fauna, creating complex ecosystems. Wetlands carry out important filtering services just like our kidneys, such as and removing nitrates and store carbon. They are also host visitors such as migratory birds. Wetlands have always had great spiritual significance for tangata whenua. All are looking forward to these wetlands thrive.