Heritage Buildings & Historic Sites

This page is about planning and resource consents for heritage buildings and historic sites.

For more information on buildings, sites and locations of historic significance in the Waimakariri District visit the Landmarks website.

A list of heritage resources in the Waimakariri District is included as an appendix to chapter 28 of the District Plan.

Registering a heritage building

If you own a building you'd like to be considered for registration as a Heritage Building, please contact Matthew Bacon on 03 311 8900 ext. 8635, email matthew.bacon@wmk.govt.nz.

Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund

The Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Buildings Fund has been set up to provide a monetary grant to owners of heritage buildings in the Canterbury region that have suffered damage as a result of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

The purpose of the grant is to aid in the preservation of the region's historic and character buildings in situations where there is a shortfall between insurance cover and the costs of repairs, strengthening, and other associated works. The fund was opened in December 2010 and is available Canterbury-wide.

The Trustees of the Fund, which is now administered by Heritage New Zealand, have substantially allocated the total pool of funding available, however a small amount of funding could potentially be available in the future, should any allocated projects not uplift their funds.

For more information and to obtain application documentation contact the Planning department on 03 311 8900 or duty.planner@wmk.govt.nz, or Heritage New Zealand - cehbf-info@heritage.org.nz.

The Heritage, Biodiversity and Ecological Fund

The aim of The Heritage, Biodiversity and Ecological Fund is to support district heritage and biodiversity values by providing financial assistance to owners of heritage sites notable trees and vegetation and habitat sites listed in the district plan who are undertaking work to protect these assets.

Our aim to encourage and assist with voluntary work that benefits the natural and built environment associated with notable trees, heritage sites, and vegetation and habitat sites listed in chapters 28 and 29 of the District Plan.

The Heritage, Biodiversity and Ecological Fund will have regular funding round throughout the year and is currently is open for applications.

The Council contacted all owners of heritage sites, vegetation/habitat sites and notable trees in May 2019, inviting applications to the fund. You can apply here