Latest Roadworks - 3-9 June

See the latest roadworks starting Monday 3 June 2024.

  • The additional road marking work to be completed at Tram Road off-ramp has been delayed again due to poor weather conditions. A wider date range will be allowed for through June with the contractor completing the work when the conditions favour. Stop/go will be in place between 9am and 1pm on that day.
  • South Belt has been reopened to westbound traffic as of yesterday afternoon, with some minor work still to be completed off the road, and sweeping & road marking.
  • The traffic signals at Ohoka Road/Island Road are now operational. Again there is still some minor work left to completed which will generally be done between 9am and 4pm over the next few days.
  • River Road is closed to westbound traffic from Ashley Street for the urbanisation works taking place here, along with a closure of Riverview Road between Awa Place and River Road. Detour will be via Milton Ave and Cones Road. Buses will still service the park and ride, with the exception for the westbound #1 which will follow the detour and stop on Cones Road outside DoC.
  • Works are continuing at the narrow culvert on Townsend Road to underground the existing watermain. Temporary traffic lights will be in place with the road reduced to one lane. Some delays are expected during peak travel times. An overnight road closure is currently being planned for mid-June to complete the connection from the old main to the new one.
  • Wolffs Road is due to be closed between Harewood Road and the Eyre River from  25 May to 23 June for a new culvert to be installed. Detour available via Poyntzs Road. Property access will be available via the Wolffs Road ford. If the ford is closed, the road will be reopened.
  • Remedial works are planned for the previous Johns Road sewer main work. Johns Road will be closed to westbound traffic from King Street to White Street, with a northbound closure of Bush Street from Costes Place. The work is only expected to take 1-2 days during the week starting 10 June, which is also weather dependant.
  • Henshaw Street & Crossley Ave, Ravenswood are due to be closed to traffic between Lorimer Street and Ellmers Street from 10 June for approximately 6 days to complete work in various manholes in the centre of the road. The exact closure area will vary depending on the manhole being worked on at the time.