Mayoral Relief Fund to provide support for victims of Loburn Fire

Waimakariri District Council has today opened the Mayoral Relief Fund.

Donations will go directly to residents who lost their homes and had their properties damaged because of the 12 hectare Loburn fires which took place over the past weekend.

Mayor Dan Gordon says he’s met with residents, Fire and Emergency NZ fire firefighters including members of volunteer brigades, and Civil Defence welfare volunteers, since the fires took place.

“Over the weekend I’ve been meeting with families who lost their homes and Loburn locals who had their properties damaged, and the extent is severe.

“Recovering from something this tragic will take time, support, and resources. Since the event, community members have been rallying together and there’s a real desire to pitch in and help.

“Because of this the Council decided to open this fund so people and businesses can donate funds that will go directly to those who are the most affected.”

The Mayoral Relief Fund provides emergency financial support in response to major disasters that cause significant damage and disruption.

Donations can be made via internet banking to account 01-0877-0129222- 00.

Please include the words ‘Loburn Fire’ in your reference details.

Alongside this, the Loburn community are working to identify and coordinate a response to specific needs, with in-kind support and offers of help.

Please visit, or search Loburn Fire Recovery on Facebook to find out more about in-kind support needed.