The gate

Gates and doors which provide access to pool areas are treated as barriers and must be constructed to comply with the rules given to the barriers (see above). They should be mounted so that:

  • They cannot open inwards towards the pool area
  • There are no obstructions which could stop the gate closing and there must be no means of holding the gate open. 
Other requirements
  • Every gate is fitted with an automatic closing device which will prevent it being left open either accidentally or deliberately
  • The gate catch will not release if it is pulled up or pushed down and the gate cannot be lifted off its hinges
  • It is not possible to raise the gate so that the ground clearance is more than 100 mm.

When a door or window in a wall forms part of a pool fence

Where a door or window in a wall forms part of a pool barrier, the door must not be readily opened by children and must either emit an audible warning or close automatically after use. Window openings must be constructed or positioned to restrict the passage of children.