Installing a woodburner

Do I need a building consent?

A building consent is required before installing a woodburner (or pellet fire).

For approval to install a woodburner you must qualify under various conditions. These conditions relate to whether you are replacing an existing unit and your proximity to clean air zones (call ECan on 0800 324 636 for assistance).

If your application does not comply with these requirements you will need to apply for a resource consent at ECan (in addition to your building consent).

What information is needed?

Specific information to include in a building consent application for a woodburner:

  • House floor plan showing location of the woodburner, location of bedrooms, proposed smoke alarm locations and escape route
  • Woodburner and flue make and model and installation details
  • Flue roof flashing detail
  • Confirm if ceiling is standard or skillion.

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