Do I need a building consent?

A building consent is required before building a dwelling.

What information is needed?

A high degree of information is required to show how your proposed dwelling will comply with the Building Code.

Using a qualified draughtsperson or architect should lead to reduced processing times and costs, and is strongly recommended.

Note: Due to changes to the Building Act 2004 that took effect from 1 March 2012, the Council can no longer accept a building consent application for a residential building (restricted building work) without a designer statement from a licensed building practitioner. Please ensure you have this available to ensure that your building consent application can be processed without undue delay.

Anything else?

As well as a building consent, a resource consent may also be necessary for things like:

  • Insufficient setbacks from boundaries
  • Breaching a recession plane
  • Any other potential breach of the District Plan.