Do I need a building consent?

There are several issues you will need to contact the Council about when you are considering building a boundary fence, as you may need to apply for a resource consent as well as a building consent.

The Fencing Act 1978 sets out rights and responsibilities relating to fences between neighbouring properties. You can find out more information from the consumer fencing law Information or read our factsheet.

If the fence you are wanting to build is a boundary fence between your property and a Council-owned park or waterway, please contact the Council to discuss it before commencing any work. Download the application form here.

Height restrictions for building a boundary fence

It is likely that you will need a resource consent for any fence that is on the road boundary or on an internal boundary. We strongly recommend that you speak to our Duty Planner if you intend to build a fence.

Boundary fence disputes

The Council has no jurisdiction over disputes relating to boundary fences, unless the fence is dangerous. Legal rights and obligations relating to fences are covered by the Fencing Act 1978 . If you have a dispute with a neighbour about a fence which you cannot resolve through negotiation (through fencing notices) you can take the matter to the Disputes Tribunal, the District Court or alternatively to a mediation service.

The only occasions when the Council may be involved in fencing issues is when a fence requires a building consent or resource consent (this is likely to also require written approval of the affected neighbour), or if the fence is located on a boundary adjoining Council land.