Do I need a building consent? 

A building consent is often required prior to the demolition of a building.

Buildings that are exempt from requiring a building consent to build would not need a consent to demolish.

The demolition of a damaged building may be exempt from requiring a building consent. To be sure, you should contact us to confirm the demolition can be exempted.  Additionally it is recommended that details are lodged for inclusion on the property file.

If you suspect that hazardous material may be part of the project, you should contact Occupational Safety & Health at the Department of Labour to find out more about safely disposing of the material.

What information is needed?

Specific information to include in a building consent application for a demolition:

  • To confirm if there is any heritage status associated with the building, contact the Southern Regional Office of Heritage New Zealand, phone 03 357 9629 or email
  • Site plan indicating the building/s to be demolished
  • Building services locations and where they will be capped off (sewer, stormwater, water, power).