Do I need a building consent?

A building consent is generally required before building a conservatory.

When is a building consent not required? 

  • When enclosing a patio that is less than 5 square metres
  • When building a detached conservatory that is less than 10 square metres in floor area, and is its own height away from the boundaries and residential accommodation buildings.

What information is needed?

Specific information to include in a building consent application for a conservatory:

  • Site plan with conservatory and dwelling locations
  • Floor plan including the existing dwelling, showing proposed smoke alarm locations and existing doors or windows affected by the conservatory addition
  • Details of the footings and slab or floor and how it is to tie to the existing
  • Plans for the glazing with connections to the floor and walls
  • Roof and flashing details
  • If the dwelling is on a unit title, a new title plan may need to be lodged separately.

If the conservatory is less than 16 m2, use the specified minor works application form.