Building in New Subdivisions

Building on a new subdivision has its own unique challenges.

Due to the pace of growth within the Waimakariri District Council there are many new subdivision developments under construction and a strong desire to begin the building process as quickly as possible. While early commencement of a build can be seen as positive means for maximising capital gains and relieving financial strain from renting, it also carries significant risk due to the potential uncertainties associated with the unfinished site.

A subdivision development is not complete until Section 223 and Section 224c certification for the subdivision has been completed. Prior to this certification individual site requirements may be subject to change.

Commonly assessments are required through the subdivision process to establish how a site is serviced, finalise finished floor levels to avoid flooding, establish foundation requirements and to establish if building levels are required to increase to ensure servicing can work effectively. If the subdivision is not complete before you commence building and titles are not issued, you may be forced to retrospectively amend any building constructed, at your cost.

There may also be ongoing conditions to be registered as Consent Notices which will be finalised prior to the subdivision that will create your land title. If your building does not comply with the yet to be confirmed consent notice requirements, the building may need to change. There is also a possibility that the subdivision consent may be varied before it is finalised which could change any requirements existing from the original consent.

It is strongly recommended that you wait until the subdivision process is completed before finalising design details and constructing the dwelling. Commencing works prior to the subdivision certification is done so at the owners own risk.

Waimakariri District Council accepts no liability for any changes resulting from the subdivision certification that may result in additional changes and costs to you.