Building Inspections

The Building Unit is responsible for administering the Building Act. This involves checking that construction projects comply with the approved building consent documents.

The Council's helpful Inspection and Compliance Team is here to help you to get code compliance for your building project. For detailed information please refer to the pages in this section and related information, especially the Building inspections fact sheet and the 'Let's Get It Right!' booklet - your guide to the building inspection process () pdf, 282.0 KB, with handy checklists.

Read MainPower's Underground cable safety fact sheet about safety near underground cables and services.

The Inspection Process

The Council's inspectors will check all the required work is code compliant for the inspection booked in. The inspectors may also look at other aspects of the whole project while on site. The inspectors will supply a site inspection report. On this report they will describe what has been inspected and indicate items that have been passed.

The inspectors may also issue 'site instructions' which are minor areas of work that need to be completed and will be checked or verified at the next inspection. They may also issue 'failed items' which are more serious items of non-compliance or where site instructions total more than five items. For these failed items the inspection will need to be re-booked as a formal re-inspection will be required when failed items are complete.

Building Consent Documentation at Site Inspections

Building inspections require the approved building plans and specifications to be available on site at time of the inspection.

If the documentation required for a particular inspection is not available, this will mean automatic failure of the building inspection and will necessitate rebooking the inspection at the applicant's expense.

We strongly recommend having all the approved documentation available on site in a watertight, lockable box which can be accessed by the inspector (e.g. by a combination lock), suitably secured to the site.

Storage box Open storage box

Another option is to purchase something more robust such as the MasterCraft Site and Safety Box which is available from INDAC Ltd.

Safety box