Extension to the Specified Intended Life of a Building

What is an extension of life of a building?  

All buildings have an indefinite life exceeding 50yrs. At times, due to building work, they could be assessed to have an agreed specified life of less than 50 years possibly due to inadequacies of building code compliance or on owners request to have a temporarily located building.

Where a building with a specified intended life is issued with a building consent that is subject to the condition the building be altered, demolished or removed before the end of its life, an 'extension of life' can be obtained on a request from the owner, if the Territorial Authority is satisfied on reasonable grounds the building can satisfactorily perform for a further specified time.

Applying for an extension to the specified life of a building

An owner of a building must give written notice to the council if it proposes extending the life of a building.

Additional information relating to an extension of the specified life of a building 

For more information, please refer to publications on the MBIE website.