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Funding Boost for Local Initiatives

Finances dominated the table talk at last night’s Rangiora-Ashley Community Board meeting.

In preparation for the new financial year ahead, budgets were confirmed and general landscaping and discretionary grant funds were discussed.

Community Board Discretionary Funds Renew

With the new financial year now here Waimakariri Community Boards have renewed discretionary funds.

Building Community

This Monday’s meeting of the Woodend Sefton Community Board was very much business as usual for the beginning of the financial year, reviewing budgets as well as considering funding applications and hearing updates from Council staff.

Harvest Heading into August

The forestry harvest along the coast between Pegasus and Waikuku will now continue through until the end of August. This is slightly longer than expected to allow some additional areas to be harvested for the safety of park users.

Community Groups Encouraged to Apply for Grants

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board met last week, and being the first meeting of the new financial year, verified general landscaping and discretionary grant fund budgets for the year ahead.

Wanted: Mayor, Councillors and Community Board members

Are you interested in being a candidate in this year's Local Body Election?

Statement - Dog Attack in Loburn on 25 June
3 July 2019

Waimakariri District Council have decided to file prosecution with the District Court against the owner of the dogs who were involved in an attack on a runner and her dog in Loburn on 25 June.

Refined Modelling Confirms Silverstream Floor Levels at Correct Height

Waimakariri District Council last week sent letters to home owners in parts of Silverstream who believe the floor levels of their properties had been built to the incorrect height due to utilising incorrect survey data.

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