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Community Helps to Shape Adopted Rural Residential Development Strategy

The Council recently adopted the Rural Residential Development Strategy (RRDS). This will help direct future rural residential growth in the Waimakariri District over the next decade.

Welcome to Waikuku Beach

Residents and visitors will soon be welcomed with a brand new bright and colourful sign when heading into the beach community.

The Road Name Game

At the most recent Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Meeting on 6 June, the Board reviewed a report proposing road names for a new North Mandeville subdivision

Facelift for Ohoka Domain

Workers have been busy at the Ohoka Domain this year cracking on with the overall upgrade. So far they’ve completed the playground along with pathways around it.

Water Outage in Woodend

9.15PM - Our Water Team have resolved the issue that caused a water outage in the Woodend Area, however it may take some time for full pressure to return.

Heavy rain causing surface flooding

1 June 2019. 2.00pm - Rain is starting to ease and infrastructure around the District is coping well with surface flooding following the serious weather overnight.

Council Floats New Guides For Activity on Kaiapoi River

Kaiapoi River is undoubtedly the focal point of Waimakiriri’s second largest town and that’s recognised in the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan which states the importance of seeing more activity in and around the water.

Ngāi Tūāhuriri Welcome Civil Defence Proposal

Ngāi Tūāhuriri has welcomed the Council’s proposal to establish ‘Mana Whenua’ as a specified part of its CDEM emergency response and recovery management structures.

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