Harvest Update – Safety is Key

Our contractors Laurie Forestry are moving into the next phase of harvest in The Pines Beach and Kairaki area, with preparation for work on Block 7 (please see map) starting this Friday 6 July. In addition, it’s a good time to remind the public that safety is paramount in operations of this kind.

We have had some worrying reports from our contractors that despite extensive signage, hazard tape and public notices we still have evidence of people being in and around the areas that we are harvesting.

Rob Hawthorne, Property Manager, Waimakariri District Council says, “Our contractors are working really hard to keep the public safe.  We have reports of hazard tape being cut, as well as bike and foot tracks through the work areas.  We cannot emphasis enough that the public have to obey the signs and keep out of the areas closed for harvest.”

The contractor will begin moving equipment for earthworks to the site on Friday 6 July and the earthworks will commence on Monday 9 July.  There will be increased truck movement on Ferry Road and Beach Road whilst we move equipment on to site.  Once the earth works are completed, the contractors will move the logging equipment on to site with the harvest starting on Thursday 12 July.

The park south of Woodend Beach, except access to the beach from Ferry Road, is closed to horse riding and this includes access through the ocean outfall track.  The cycle/walkway will remain open between Pines Beach and Woodend Beach.  Signage will be in place to advise the public.

Harvest operations continue in Block 9 adjacent to the Kairaki Beach Motor Camp and the Tūhaitara Coastal Park remains closed from Kairaki beach through to Reid Memorial Avenue. It expected that this stage of the harvest will be completed by mid-July.  We are working closely with park staff and with the camping grounds to pass on the safety message and to ensure that minimum disruption is caused.

Please note that the Tūhaitara Coastal Park is also closed between Woodend Beach Road north to Tiritrimoana Drive and will remain so through to October.

Those areas harvested up to the end of July will be replanted.  The replanting will start in August with further replanting in 2019. The harvest will continue through to October and we will provide regular updates here.

Contact: Rob Hawthorne

Phone: 0800 965 468