What does having an SNA on my property mean?

In order to protect their important values, the Proposed District Plan will contain rules about how you can use the part of your land containing the SNA.

This will be through limits on indigenous vegetation clearance, with some specific allowances for activities such as maintenance of fences or other structures, or conservation activities. Planting of exotic vegetation, plantation forestry, woodlots, or shelterbelts within SNAs will not be permitted. Planting of indigenous vegetation will be limited to vegetation ecologically appropriate for that SNA. Work that falls outside of these rules will require a resource consent and in cases of non-compliant work, the Council can seek restoration of the SNA at the landowner’s expense.

Council is also looking at ways it can provide incentives through the Proposed District Plan to landowners who provide protection for their SNA.

Full details of these rules will be available when the Plan is notified later this year.