Natural Hazards

Like many places in New Zealand, Waimakariri District is geographically diverse, reaching from the mountain ranges to the ocean. Because of this, the District is susceptible to a number of possible Natural Hazards including flooding, erosion in coastal areas, earthquake faults and liquefaction.

As part of its District Plan Review, Waimakariri District Council is updating Natural Hazard maps and provisions (objectives, policies and rules) to help manage risk and uncertainty. The District Plan is a statutory document that provides the rules for how people can build on or develop land, whether it is residential, commercial or rural – it’s essentially the planning rulebook for building and development in the District.

When the Natural Hazards maps and provisions are completed, these will be included in the District Plan and help to guide development. The information will be on Council’s website, Land Information Memoranda, and property files, and will also be used by the Council when processing resource and building consents to ensure any new information is taken into consideration.

The Council is holding a two-stage consultation to invite important feedback from the community on Natural Hazards. This will enable the most up-to-date and robust information to be made available through the District Plan Review maps and provisions, and will help to support the protection of Waimakariri District’s environmental, physical and social interests.

In Stage One of the consultation (28 June – 26 July), we asked for your insight on localised Natural Hazard issues.

In Stage Two (28 August - 25 September) we're updating you on:

  • What we heard during Stage One of the consultation including the public drop-ins.
  • An overview of Natural Hazards in Waimakariri District – flooding, liquefaction, coastal erosion and inundation, faultlines, and tsunami
  • What a risk-based approach to managing Natural Hazards involves
  • The proposed approach to managing Natural Hazard risks in Waimakariri District.

Background information

Managing the effects of Natural Hazards is required under the Resource Management Act 1991 as a matter of national importance. Council needs to give effect to Natural Hazards management directions in the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement within the District Plan.

In 2016, the Council responded to new information on a variety of Natural Hazards by preparing a draft plan change – PC27.  Background information on this process is available to read here but will be superseded by further technical assessments, underway now, which will be used as part of the District Plan Review when they are completed.

Climate change is also an important long-term conversation between Council and community – specifically, how we respond to it. Council’s engagement with community about climate change will be a separate process.

Public Reports:

    Name Description
    ECan Stop Bank Breach Waimakariri River Kaiapoi North Bank Flood Hazard Assessment Prepared for Environment Canterbury by DHI Water and Environment Download
    Review of liquefaction hazard information in eastern Canterbury Report prepared by GNS Science, 2012 Download
    Assessment of active fault ground deformation hazards associated with the Ashley Fault Zone Prepared by GNS Science. In addition to the District report, more detailed mapping of the Ashley Fault Zone near Rangiora was undertaken because of the higher likelihood of movement on this fault compared to others in the District. Download
    General distribution and characteristics of active faults and folds in the Waimakariri District Fault trace report with faults at the ground surface compiled by GNS Science Download
    Waimakariri District Localised Flood Hazard Assessment July 2015 Prepared by the Project Delivery Unit, Waimakariri District Council Download
    Waimakariri District Localised Flood Hazard Assessment July 2015 - appendices Appendices Download
    Ashey River floodplain investigation 2016 update Prepared by Environment Canterbury Download
    Canterbury's Tsunami Hazard (ECAN) Download

    In progress

    Reports on coastal erosion and inundation as well as groundwater are currently in progress and will be made available when completed.

    Updated information on Ashley and Waimakariri River breakouts will also be coming in due course.

    Relevant Information

    Natural Hazards Feedback Form

    Let's Talk Natural Hazards (Stage Two)