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Busy meeting for Woodend Sefton Community Board

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board had an interesting meeting on Monday 12 March with two main items on the agenda including a workshop on landscaping and a presentation on the proposed multi-use sports facility.

Rangiora’s Southern Entrance on Community Board Table for Enhancement

Red carpet treatment could be given to Rangiora’s southern entrance, as moves are made to visually enhance the gateway to the town centre.  The improvements are subject to approval of a report being received at the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board meeting tomorrow night.

Pornography, Consent and Healthy Relationships

The internet has brought instant information and communication to our fingertips. Along with it has come easy access to online pornography. This is of concern because pornography has become increasingly violent and extreme. It portrays unrealistic and harmful messages about sex, sexuality and relationships.

8 March Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Meeting Recap

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board held its monthly meeting on Thursday, 8 March at the Ohoka Community Hall.

Water Work Planned for Smith and Williams Street Intersection on Tuesday

If you live in the vicinity of the Smith and Williams Street intersection in Kaiapoi and experience a water outage after 12pm on Tuesday, don’t worry.  The water should not be off for long.

Upcoming Woodend Sefton Community Board Meeting

The Woodend-Sefton Community Board will meet in the Woodend Community Centre at 7pm on Monday 12 March.

It’s LTP Time: Let’s Talk About Rates

How should we spend your rates?  What would you like to see in your District through the next 10 years and beyond?  If you’ve got a view, we’d like to hear it, and now’s the chance to do exactly that, with the four-week submission period for the Long Term Plan (LTP) having opened.

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Meeting Preview, 8 March

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board will hold its monthly tonight, Thursday, 8 March beginning at 7.00 p.m. at the Ohoka Community Hall.

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