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Sun, Surf, Sand… Remember Safety

Been down to the beach lately? If, like many in the District, you enjoy a bit of sun, surf and sand, please remember that there are a few rules that apply to vehicles, dogs and horses on the beach and in our precious Ashley-Rakahuri Estuary.

Oxford Main Street – Three Carpark Spaces to be Removed to Improve Safety

Following concerns raised by the Oxford Community last year about safety for drivers and pedestrians in the Main Street, Oxford, the Oxford Ohoka Community Board approved the removal of three carpark spaces from immediately outside the Fresh Choice supermarket.

Rain Impacts Oxford Rural Water Scheme

It’s been pretty wet out there and the infrastructure across the district seems to be holding up pretty well to the recent deluge of rain.  Our infrastructure teams continue to work hard alongside our contractors to ensure things are running smoothly.

Major change in Ohoka Road-Island Road Intersection Layout from Next Week

From Monday traffic travelling on Ohoka Road across Island Road will have right of way, with Island Road traffic being required to stop and give way to Ohoka Road traffic.

Long Term Plan Headlines the Year Ahead

Welcome to another year.  It is going to be a busy one throughout the District, highlighted by the public consultation and then implementation of our Long Term Plan.  We will be asking for your feedback on a number of issues within the plan.

Rubbish and Recycling Collections, A Quick Refresher

As we start the new year, it's helpful to revisit our recycling and rubbish schedule as well as understand what we collect and other helpful tips.

We’ve Had Some Wet but Now’s Not the Time to Fire Up

The Waimakariri might have had a bit of rain in the last week, with some more forecast for the next few days, but that is not cause to get comfy on the fire front. If anything, our fire risk is even greater, with people lighting up at the first sight of rain, when they shouldn’t be.

Slow Down People. What’s the Hurry?

We all know that the New Zealand road toll is far too high, and we all need to do something about it. Well there’s talk, and there’s doing, and the first thing that we can all ‘do’ is slow down a bit on Waimakariri roads. What’s the big hurry?

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