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LTP Submissions Mark the Next Step

The next step in the Long Term Plan process takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday when submissions will be heard by the Councillors in Kaiapoi and Rangiora. Nearly 70 people will speak in support of their submissions across the two days of hearings.

Proposed Landscape Projects Move Forward After Oxford-Ohoka Community Board Approval

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board met on Thursday, 3 May, at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting and discussed funding of various landscaping projects, all of which were approved as recommended by staff.

Temporary Traffic Lights on Rangiora Woodend Road

As part of the Ravenswood residential development, a new water main pipe is being installed at the Rangiora Woodend Road and Chinnerys Road intersection.

Rangiora Woodend Road Speed Limits: Time for Change?

Making sure our roads are safe to travel on for both our local communities and visitors to our district is a high priority for Council. As areas develop the nature and use of some of our roads change. Rangiora Woodend Road is one of those roads which has seen an increase in traffic volumes over the last five years.

Sign Vandalism Exacerbates River Risk

Dangerous or stupidity? When it comes to the recent removal of half of the Domain Road ford closure sign by a random member of the public, it’s both.

Oxford-Ohoka Community Board to Discuss Landscape Projects

Thursday night’s meeting in Oxford will hear discussion on three potential landscaping projects that the Oxford Ohoka Community Board are considering funding through a discretionary General Landscape budget of $11,830 controlled by the Board.

Anzac Day Council Services

As the country stops to observe Anzac Day on Wednesday 25 April, some Council services will also be affected. Here’s a list of our most popular services and how the public holiday will affect them.

Coastal Forestry Harvest Update

The Council’s forestry estate, partly located in the coastal areas between Kairaki and Waikuku, is due for harvest. This will take place in June through to October, although some areas will be harvested in winter 2019.

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