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Community Facility Upgrades Welcomed

The meeting started with a deputation from Liz Duke about her family history from their farm where the Ravenswood residential development now sits. The family planted a significant number of trees which can still be seen in the area, and volunteered in many ways to support the community.

Council Remains Open for Business at Alert Level 2

The majority of Council facilities remain open to the public at Alert Level 2 - including playgrounds, skateparks and dog parks.

Keeping North Canterbury Working

Coming soon to Waimakariri District are a series of workshops that will provide support to people possibly facing redundancies due to COVID-19.

Devastating Damage to Native Trees

Our Greenspace staff were dismayed to discover significant damage to trees and vegetation at Matawai Park in Rangiora earlier this week.

Cemetery Strategy Consultation Opens

The Council would like residents to have their say about its draft Cemetery Strategy, which is open for feedback until 31 August.

Funding Boosts Community Night Patrol

The Oxford-Ohoka Community Board hold a public forum each month as a part of their regular meeting.

Attending Wednesday’s forum, Mr Patrick Campbell took the opportunity to address the Board before a discussion about a Discretionary Grant Application submitted by the Oxford Community Night Patrol.

Recruitment Process for New CE Begins

Waimakariri District Council Chief Executive Jim Palmer has announced he is leaving his role in March 2021, after serving the community in this role for 17 years.

More Boat Berths for Kaiapoi River

Now that dredging of the Kaiapoi River is complete, the contractors can now install four mooring piles to make space for three new boat berths.

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