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Things to Check before Building New

It’s exciting when you are building a new home and everyone is keen to get going so that they can move in.  However, if you are building in a new subdivision we want you to know about some of the challenges involved.

Upcoming Civil Defence Warning Siren Test

Civil Defence is conducting a test of its coastal Tsunami warning sirens at 1pm next Monday, October 1. Communities living in beach areas will hear the alarms, which are being tested to ensure they are operating correctly.

Why the Waste?

Why are we wasting so much food? New Zealanders throw away 12, 547 tonnes of food each year. Amazingly, that’s the equivalent to 213 jumbo jets.

Large Scale Cycle Event

There will be traffic management in place as the Cycling New Zealand School Road Championships comes to the district next weekend.  Taking place over two days on 29 and 30 September there will be time trials and road races throughout both days.

Redzoned Camellias To Be Rehomed

Around 30 Camellias and Rhododendrons left by former residents in the Kaiapoi East Regeneration area will be given new homes as construction in the area begins.

Mowers Primed for Springs Arrival

Blooming daffodils, bursting blossoms and feverish grass growth. Spring is finally here and it’s letting everyone know in a rapid burst of colour.

Free Buses Kick Off New Public Transport Plan Consultation

Public consultation opens today on the draft Regional Public Transport Plan, and Environment Canterbury has announced that this Saturday, 22 September, travel on its bus network will be free.

Harvest Moving from the Coast

The harvest continues to travel on at a fair pace and our contractors moved into Block 3 adjacent to Pegasus township to harvest windblown trees. They will also tidy up the edge of the forest to make it safe, as the remainder of this block will be harvested in 2019.

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