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Back to School Safety

With preparations being made for the new school term starting, the Council’s Road Safety Coordinator is urging parents and caregivers to talk about road safety with their children, and think about the journey they will take to school.

New Sewers to Cater for Towns Growth

The King Street/Johns Road roundabout will be out of action over the coming months as work to install large sewer pipes through the intersection beings.

Waimakariri District Council Credit Rating Improves

Today credit rating agency, Standard and Poor's, has announced the rating for Waimakariri District Council has shifted from AA long term and A-1+ short term with a negative outlook to a AA/A-1+ with a stable outlook.

Making Good Street Great

The Council is looking to make the section of Good Street, between High Street and the service lane near New World much friendlier for shoppers.

Winter Sport Under the Spotlight

Sports clubs training at Dudley Park will be able to train for longer this winter, as the park lighting gets an upgrade to better cater for winter training.

Kaiapoi's Mandeville Footbridge to Stay Closed for a Few Months

Kaiapoi's Mandeville Footbridge will remain closed for a couple of months so repairs can be made so the bridge is safe to cross again.

Algal Bloom Health Warning Issued for the Ashley/Rakahuri River

Updated 6 Jan 2020: A health warning has been issued for the Ashley/Rakahuri River at the Rangiora-Loburn Bridge following the discovery of potentially toxic algae in the water.

New Report shows Waimakariri Drinking Water Quality Continues to Improve

A first of its kind report by Waimakariri District Council has taken a holistic look at all Council-supplied drinking water – and the news is good.

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